Over the last 10 years, I have taught classes, led practice groups and workshops and spoken to various community organizations about meditation and mindfulness. As a part of my preparation for these events, I typically listen to podcasts by favorite teachers, research my library, check information on line and dig into my poetry file for a piece that highlights the particular slant I want to take on the subject. Then I pull these different resources together and write a few pages that become the basis for what I will be saying. I love this time of gathering the material. I’m pretty geeky about it. Happily, I have found that the arena of mindfulness is broad and deep and nuanced – richer than I could have anticipated. And it is this process, as well as my personal practice over the past 20+ years that have already provided a lot of content for this blog.

My intention is to post about every other week. I’ll be sharing thoughts on practices, personal experiences, interesting research studies, commentary on contemporary events—all through the lens of meditation and mindfulness. My hope is that you will find the posts accessible and useful. Let me know if that’s the case.